The 12-part 2022 Farm Equipment Dealership of the Year video series brought to you by AGvisorPRO, features First Choice Farm Lawn and Riechmann Bros. First Choice Farm Lawn was selected as the Greater than $100 Million Dealership Winner while Riechmann Bros. was selected as the Less than $100 Million Dealership Winner.

Read the story of First Choice Farm & Lawn. Upon graduating from the Univ. Tennessee at Martin in 2009, Ron Parks got a job working for Danny Montgomery, who owned a Kubota dealership in Union City, Tenn. Starting off in the parts department, Ron quickly worked his way up into a sales and management role.  

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The Dealership of the Year video series is brought to you by AGvisorPRO.


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First Choice Farm and Lawn Balance Business with Diversified Product Segments

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First Choice Farm and Lawn Grows Through Expansion

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First Choice Farm and Lawn Team Comes Together for Tornado Clean Up

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Measuring the Business — Profit vs. Gross Revenue

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Ron and Don Parks — Dealership Owners at 25

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First Choice Farm and Lawn's Guiding Principles

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