Strip-till, a technology-driven farming practice that requires specialized equipment and knowledge, presents an opportunity for dealerships and their precision departments to establish authority and increase revenue.

Strip-till may still be in its infancy, but an increasing number of farmers are trying reduced-tillage practices. Data from the 2017 USDA Census of Agriculture shows about 11% more farms used reduced tillage compared to the 2012 census, with nearly 97.8 million reduced tillage acres (excluding no-till) total in the U.S. 

The 2022 Strip-Till Benchmark Study, conducted by Strip-Till Farmer in March, asked farmers about their operations, precision technology usage, equipment and more. Most of the respondents to the 2022 Strip-Till Benchmark Study farm in the U.S. About 63% farm in the Corn Belt, followed by about 21% in the Plains/West. More than half of the respondents have been strip-tilling for 10 years or less (55%). About 44% of strip-tillers who took the 2022 survey are farming 1,000 acres or less. Another 28% farm 1,001-2,000 acres. 

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