The editors of Ag Equipment Intelligence released an authoritative new study on electric farm equipment on March 15, 2022 — Electric Farm Machinery: Outlook Through 2027

The 52-page report features original reporting from expert farm machinery journalists as well as primary research on the impact of electric farm machinery for North American equipment dealers, manufacturers and suppliers. 

Featuring data compiled from separate surveys of hundreds of North American dealers and farmers, this authoritative document provides you with the research you need to strategically position your business for the electric revolution in farm equipment. 

Filled with charts, tables and graphs, the report includes:

  • 5-year outlook for electric farm machinery
  • What’s driving adoption of electric machinery in agriculture and when experts predict electric farm machinery will measurably penetrate the market
  • Economics of electric farm machinery and batteries, including projected purchase price costs relative to fuel alternatives and perceived service, repair and parts costs
  • Viewpoints from North American dealers about the challenges and opportunities of selling and servicing electric farm machinery alongside diesel power, and the potential for changes in distribution models
  • Perspectives from North American farmers about their likelihood to buy electric farm machinery
  • Additional online resources vetted by the award-winning editorial team to provide ongoing, curated information on electric farm machinery. 

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