Fast Facts

Customer Segment: Strip-tillers looking to increase their accuracy and efficiency, growers of all sizes

Key Selling Point: 2-ton tank capacity, easy serviceability

Orthman’s TRU-aPLYr series features an integrated ISOBUS platform to apply dry, liquid and anhydrous products with a single controller. The TRU-aPLYr DRY System includes large fill lids with two 180 cubic foot hoppers both fitted on individual load cell scale system. It features improved accuracy by reason of a 4-section, all electric drive metering system.

Each row is individually metered and comes standard with a cleaning brush. The maintenance-friendly system features no chains, greaseless bearings and individual cleanout hatches. Software features include individual meter calibration and active section performance display.

The TRU-aPLYr system consists of two 6-ton dual tanks for dry fertilizer application, allowing the grower to simultaneously blend different products with increased capacity. 

Orthman Vice President of Sales and Marketing Justin Troudt believes the TRU-aPLYr Dry system distinguishes itself through its accuracy, blending technology and ease of use. He adds that with rising fertilizer prices, growers can take advantage of the savings that come with the equipment’s improved accuracy.

“In the past, dry fertilizer was the lesser expensive of the fertilizers,” he says. “But today that’s not the case. So our goal is to focus in on the accuracy and efficiency of the application with this system.”

For end-users, Troudt says, the TRU-aPLYr series has been engineered for reliability, serviceability and ease of everyday use. 

The Orthman Dealer, continues Troudt, will find comfort knowing that a stock machine they have in their inventory can easily be changed out and configured to meet the needs of the retail sale.