Fast Facts

Customer Segment: Strip-tillers all over the U.S. but especially in the Midwest, looking to improve efficiency and accuracy.

Key Selling Point: Product is designed to be easily serviceable and to help save growers money on cost of fertilizer with improved accuracy.

The Orthman TRU-aPLYr Dry is an integrated ISOBUS platform that can be used to apply dry products with a single controller and uses a 4 section, all-electric drive metering system.

Orthman’s TRU-aPLYr Dry also has several new software features including individual meter calibration and active section performance.

“This product has a lot of benefits such as being able to do very low rate or very high rate applications,” says Justin Troudt, director of sales for the Orthman division of Unverferth. “It’s designed for strip-tillers but can be used for other applications as well.”  

The TRU-aPLYr Dry is available in Orthman 1tRIPr XD strip-till configurations with additional options to come.