Overall agricultural tractor sales in the U.S. and Canada continued rising into January 2022, while combine harvesters slowed for the month, according to the latest data from the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM).

U.S. total farm tractor sales grew 1.5%  for the month of January compared to 2021, while U.S. self-propelled combine sales for the month fell 41.4% to 205 units sold. The 100+ horsepower 2WD segment led all segments with a 10.8% gain, followed by the sub-40 horsepower 2WD segment up 2%. Mid-range tractors between 40-100 horsepower fell 2.8%, while articulated 4WD tractors inched down 0.4%.

In Canada, sales of tractors for the month of January were up 6.3% overall, led by 100+ horsepower units growing 26% and articulated 4WD units growing 16.7%. Combine harvester sales were also down in Canada, falling 30% to 49 units sold.

“The sales trend we’re seeing started in June of 2020 and has reliably remained above the 5-year average since then,” said Curt Blades, senior vice president, industry sectors & product leadership, at AEM. “The strength of ag markets and farmers seeing the value in the new technologies on offer is driving demand. At the same time, the lingering effects of the supply chain remain a concern.”

The full reports can be found in the Market Data section of the AEM website under Ag Tractor and Combine Reports.

U.S.:  https://www.aem.org/market-data/statistics/us-ag-tractor-and-combine-reports/

Canada:  https://www.aem.org/market-data/statistics/canadian-ag-tractor-combine-reports/

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