Glen Peart, the retired president of Dalziel Equipment in St. Catherines, Ont., and the farther of the late Neil Peart (the drummer of rock band Rush), died on June 12, 2021, after a battle with cancer. 

Commenting on Peart back in 2019, Larry Smith, president of O'Neils Farm Equipment in Binbrook, Ont., said, "“Being the neighboring dealer, Glen and I became good friends and would call one another when a customer in each other’s territory needed help," says Smith. "We traded equipment without question and trusted each other. I was always jealous that Glen would outsell us on tractors — his fruit belt was a great tractor market.”

Smith said that Glen eventually worked for the dealership that took over the Dalziel’s territory. Later, Smith suggested Glen be hired to represent all dealers in the association business.

“I thought he’d be good at that job because he was a great at promotion and a great personality,” says Smith. Glen ended up serving for 13 years as executive vice president of the Ontario Retail Farm Equipment Dealers Assn. (ORFEDA), the forerunner of today’s Canada East Equipment Dealers Assn. (CEEDA), led by Bev Leavitt.

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