Fast Facts

Customer Segment: Strip-till growers looking to improve their fertilizer application

Geography: Suited for all regions

Key Selling Point: Confidence in consistent dry fertilizer application

The J.Assy Visum Fertilizer sensor system is designed for strip-till fertilizer applications and monitors the flow in each row unit line to alert the operator about product plugging and flow failure. The system is wireless and consists of a hose sensor, vibration flow detection and in-cab monitor.

“Visum is an insurance product,” says Eric Schuler, marketing manager, North America. “It provides feedback to the grower in the cab about the quality of the fertilizer he’s putting in the fields. For example, if the farmer is going through a field and one of the rows appears on his monitor, the farmer can stop the machine, go clean that row unit’s line and then get back to his application.”

Schuler explains that the latest sensor in the Visum line monitors cover crops and small grains, meaning Visum can provide blockage sensing now seeders, drillers and strip-till equipment.

Schuler describes the Visum’s main benefits as peace of mind, which lets farmers apply fertilizer without worrying about missing portions of any rows.

“Farmers without this tech would run their machines and not have any feedback concerning jammed lines, and they could apply multiple acres without realizing they have plugged row units,” he says. “Visum ensures growers are hitting their target application rates.”

Schuler sees the ideal Visum customer as progressive strip-till growers looking to improve their reduced tillage systems.

He compares Visum’s blockage technology to planter seed tubes when discussing it with customers. “We’re dealing with similar technology that has been on planters for years,” he says. “Similarly to how the performance of the planter is tied to the seed tube sensor, we’re allowing the same type of feedback but on strip-till machines.

“A lot of times, growers recognize and understand that value and peace of mind Visum provides. They also like how simply Visum installs and how easy it is to work with. Once it’s installed and running, back end support is virtually non-existent.”