S.I. Distributing's Precision Planter Solutions (PPS) Flange Bushing Rebuild Kits for Parallel Linkage Arms make old and worn planter parallel linkage arms better than new. In the past, worn parallel linkage arms and bushings have always had to be replaced with new ones. With the PPS' flange bushing kit, there is no longer any wear on the parallel linkage arms; all the wear is on the kit’s replaceable parts.

These parts include a hardened flange bushing with a small built-in “dowel” that fits into a hole drilled into one side of the arm and a threaded hex bushing that fits into the flange bushing. The operator drills a small hole into the arm for the dowel and reams out the existing worn hole in the arm a little larger for a more precise fit for the bushings. A special shoulder bolt holds the two bushings together.

The dowel locks itself into the arm to keep the flange bushing from turning. This keeps the bushings and arms tight so that the wear now takes place on the bushings instead of the parallel linkage arms.

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