Worn parallel linkage arms and bushings are a common problem with today’s planters, especially with the implementation of down-pressure enhancing products. The PPS Flange Bushing Rebuild Kits will eliminate all areas of unwanted movement in the parallel arms. This two-bushing system collectively prolongs overall wear life and eliminates wear in the parallel arm holes, resulting in less planter maintenance, providing long-term cost reductions.

The PPS Complete Parallel Arm Kits come with upper and lower parallel arms that already have the hardened flange bushings installed. These kits feature robust welded steel arms, designed to handle excessive down pressures and adverse planting conditions. The kits are available as Premium or No-Ream.

The PPS Rebuild Your Existing Arms Kits for planters make old and worn parallel linkage arms better than new. On existing parallel arms, all of the wear now takes place on the kit’s replaceable parts. These parts include a hardened flange bushing and a threaded hex bushing that fits into the flange bushing.

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