The Summers Supercoulter Samurai provides an ideal equipment option for those who enjoy the simplicity and benefits of true vertical tillage tools, but wish to move more dirt than the original Summers Supercoulter. It can be used both spring and fall for residue management, light tillage and seedbed preparation.

The Supercoulter Samurai features a frame design similar to the original Summers Supercoulter, but is equipped with Summers Osmundson Mfg. Co. patented Samurai disc blades, which are slightly concave with a notched sawtooth design for aggressively sizing tough residue and more soil movement.

The Samurai blades perform well in both wet soils and hard, dry conditions and are heat treated for extended life. Blades are spaced 10 inches apart on each gang with the front and rear gangs offset for an effective 5-inch spacing, resulting in effective and consistent residue sizing. The front gang blades are positioned at a 3-degree angle, and the rear gang blades are positioned at a 5-degree angle, which thorough testing has shown to be the optimum configuration for achieving an ideal field finish in most conditions and soil types.

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