Summers Mfg. offers the VRT Renegade tillage tool as an addiction to its Variable Rate Tillage product line. Featuring iControl Implement Control technology, the VRT Renegade allows operators to adjust tillage performance on the go, using a cab-mounted iPad as the controller. The product gives farmers unprecedented control of tillage results, allowing the VRT Renegade to virtually replace many other vertical tillage, high-speed disks and conventional tillage implements.

The VRT Renegade features a variety of implement adjustments that can be made during operation for quickly adapting to changing field conditions. The adjustments are made in the cab with the simple touch of a button using an iPad, which connects wirelessly to the iControl computer mounted on the implement.

With this system operators can adjust the angle of the front and rear disk blades independently from 0-19 degrees to switch from light to aggressive tillage and anywhere in between. In addition to the blade angle, operators can adjust the hitch control to transfer more weight to the front or rear of the implement, or set the implement hitch to float mode. Operators can also use the iPad to set the tillage depth, gauge wheels, wing down pressure and rolling basket down pressure on the VRT Renegade. Presets can be saved and named to quickly recall previous implement settings.

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