Fast Facts

Customer Segment: Larger growers who are open to the benefits of vertical tillage, but need to move more soil

Geography: Anywhere there’s stubble 

Key Selling Point: Can be used for spring and fall tillage, aggressively sizing residue and easily transported on the road

The Summers Manufacturing Supercoulter Samurai tillage tool was designed for farmers who enjoy the simplicity and benefits of true vertical tillage tools but wish to move more dirt than the original Summers Supercoulter. It can be used for both spring and fall for residue management, light tillage and seedbed preparation. 

The Supercoulter Samurai is equipped with Summers exclusive Osmundson Mfg. Co. patented Samurai blades, which are slightly concave with a notched sawtooth design for sizing residue and more soil movement.

Bruce Johnson, director of strategic innovation and business development at Summers Manufacturing, says the Supercoulter Samurai came out of requests and feedback Summers received from its customers.

“Over time, we’ve heard from producers wanting to move a little bit more soil than vertical tillage does,” he says. “We’ve had more interest in some of these hybrid solutions as the residue has gotten a bit tougher to break down.”

Johnson emphasizes that the Supercoulter Samurai isn’t designed for moving a significant amount of soil, with a goal of covering around 20-40% of residue in the field. He says the implement’s light frame makes it ideal for wet spring tillage, weighing in at 25,000 pounds for a 40-foot unit.

Johnson sees the ideal customers as growers who believe in the benefits of vertical tillage, as well as those looking for a versatile implement that can be used in both spring and fall tillage. He says the Supercoulter Samurai is a good fit for larger producers looking to cover a lot of acres but that a 30-foot version can easily fit a medium-sized operation.

Johnson recommends dealers emphasize the implement’s ability to aggressively size residue, while still being a multi-use, light tillage tool. He also points out the implement’s oscillating tandems for heavy-duty transportation, making road travel easier for larger farms.