Producing 60% more work compared to harrows with just five bars, the new 8-Bar Superharrow 3568 from Summers Mfg. is an aggressive residue management tool ideal for busting clods, demolishing root balls and preparing the seedbed for planting. 

With 0.5 inch diameter teeth and eight full rows of harrows, the 8-Bar Superharrow breaks up more residue and clumps in a single pass, allowing more surface area to be exposed for expedited decomposition. It is available in 36, 48, 60, 72 and 84 foot working widths.

Bar spacing is 16 inches from center to center for optimum residue flow. Hydraulic cylinders on the cart and wing wheels allow on-the-go adjustment of down pressure to accommodate different soil and residue conditions. Down pressure to the springs has been increased to ensure good engagement of all eight rows of tines, however the down pressure is adjustable to ensure the proper amount of material flow. Tooth angle is also adjustable up to 45 degrees from vertical thanks to a spring-loaded adjustment lever. The 8-Bar Superharrow’s tine spacing is 1.5 inches, which ensures no ground is missed and results in a higher percentage of clumps being broken up compared to similar harrows with just five bars.

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