Sioux Falls, S.D. — Raven Industries has announced it has entered into agreements to acquire the remaining equity of DOT Technology, a manufacturer of autonomous platforms. 

DOT is the developer of the “Dot Power Platform,” an autonomous power unit that has the ability to pair with a wide range of implements and will offer a variety of labor saving solutions to farmers and ag retailers alike. The company is currently moving forward with commercialization of Raven Autonomy and will be expanding its portfolio with new offerings.

“We see tremendous synergies between our current business and in the investments we have made in DOT and Smart Ag, an Iowa-based autonomy company which we acquired last November,” said Wade Robey, executive director of Raven Autonomy. “Developing solutions for ag autonomy expands the total addressable market served by the Applied Technology Division by several billion dollars and positions the business for tremendous growth over the next several years.”

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