Did your dealership respond to the late planting year with any “out of the norm” sales programs, clinics/events, etc., as farmers had extra time on their hands this spring? If so, what did you do differently this year? Can a sales team gain more one-on-one time with the customer in this time of year?

“Our area has experienced wet weather since last October. A few customers just finished corn harvest last month. We are still wet and have only about 50% of our crops planted.

“Because of the wet weather, our customers have struggled with livestock, fertilizing, spraying and planting. They are not in the mood to spend money — only to somehow get things done. Each person in our dealerships has been doing everything we can to help them prepare on wet days and keep running on drier days. Neither us nor our customers have had time for anything extra.

“Times are tough and we’ll just do our best to be helpful.”

— Ed Heim, Hoxie Implement, Hoxie, Kan.

“We did not do anything differently. With poor milk prices many of our customers waited until the last minute to place orders during our spring parts sale in March. Even after making phone calls to some in early March, they still held off until the final week of the sale.

“Our whole focus is on minimizing any downtime and providing needed backup equipment when that happens. Simply help them get the job done that their equipment was designed to do.”

— Don Van Houweling, Owner, Van Wall Equipment, Perry, Iowa

“We really did not do much different, my sales staff had more chances to touch base with customers, but  other than that we really did not do much different. Sorry I couldn’t wow you, but just an honest response.”

— Chris Eis, Owner/Sales Manager, Eis Implement Inc., Two Rivers, Wis.

“Honestly as much as we would like to see spring come around we’ve been steadily busy at the parts counter and the slower spring has been OK to deal with because so many customers put off looking at their planters until the last second again.”

— Jon Eis, COO, Eis Implement Inc., Two Rivers, Wis.

“We did not plan any special events this spring. But we did have a little better than average attendance at our annual open house and our Ride and Drive Days. Very few acres have been worked until May 20. Most are still way too wet. Only the very driest few fields are able to be worked. Farmers have never been grumpier.”

— Larry Krystowski, Krystowski Tractor, Wellington, Ohio

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