Pictured Above: In 2017, Monroe Tractor added 2,400 square feet to its showroom and parts department and also improved the lighting. Previously, there was no natural light in the parts department.

Monroe Tractor recently celebrated the 30th anniversary of its Adams Center, N.Y., location. In 2017, the dealership made a $1 million update to the facility by adding 8,000 square feet of service bays and 2,400 square feet to the parts department and showroom. The whole renovation was completed in 5 months. 

“Our decision to make the infrastructure improvements was predicated on several things,” says Jim Munroe, branch manager of the Adams Center store. “Equipment continues to increase in size. We need to grow in floor footprint, as well as height. The original shop was designed when equipment was smaller, we needed more efficient flow on the floor. The facility now has 2 large overhead doors, instead of one.”

The Adams Center store is in what Munroe describes as “snow country,” which means all 10 technicians had to work inside during the winter months. The old facility was cramped for space when the whole staff was confined to the shop, he says. 

The renovation included improvements to lighting. “We wanted our employees to have better lighting and to include natural light. Happier workers means better morale,” he says. “Prior to the expansion, the parts storage and display area was small and dimly lit with no natural light.”

Part of Monroe Tractor’s $1 million facility update in 2017 included adding 8,000 square feet to the service shop. The new shop now has 2 large overhead doors instead of one.

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He adds this is also a safety issue. “Overstuffed and dimly lit work environments can pose safety concerns and obviously, we want a safe environment with room to move that is well-lit.”  

The outside of Monroe Tractor saw some improvement as well. “During excavation, we had to hammer out tons of rock.  Monroe Tractor carries a line of rock crushers and we were able to crush our own stone and expand our equipment yard and parking areas. This was important for two reasons. First, in the winter we need room to push and store snow, and second, we eliminated much of the grass on the display yard, which tends to be inconvenient due to the amount of care necessary to keep the yard looking presentable.”


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