Unverferth's Equalizer Tracks feature a 50 inch wide belt for a larger footprint and greatest flotation on its 2,000 bushel grain carts, providing over 72 square feet of contact area. When combined with the design that allows the tracks to oscillate side to side as well as front to rear, the cart’s large footprint is evenly distributed across varying terrain for less soil compaction. Hydraulic belt tensioning provides easier track alignment, optimum ground contact and even weight distribution.

Two sets of four pivoting bogie wheels rotate up and over ground contours for even greater ground contact. The one-piece, molded tread design features shallower lugs for greater flotation and reduced road transport vibration. For long life, each track features four-ply construction with both lateral and longitudinal cable reinforcement. Each tracked undercarriage is standard with an automatic greaser for consistent lubrication of the track’s pivoting points.

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