Unverferth's X-TREME Grain Carts feature an updated body with steeper slopes for enhanced cleanout and a patented front-folding design for greater forward and side unloading reach and height for ideal unloading ease.

The models 1319, 1119 and 1019 feature capacities of 1,300; 1,100 and 1,000 bushels respectively and unloading speeds of up to 620 bushels per minute. The single front-folding, corner-mounted auger is specifically designed to position the auger further to the front and to the side for enhanced line-of-sight from the tractor cab.

The patented soft-start, single-point auger engagement and continuous-flow flighting design ensure a smooth connection of the upper and lower augers for added durability and unloading speed. All augers are mounted in a deep sump for faster and complete unloading.

The standard 4-way, hydraulic-controlled downspout features over 3.5 feet of inward/outward and left/right movement for easily topping off trucks with minimal tractor maneuvering. The gear-driven downspout positioning has a responsive feel for smooth, consistent operation and greater unloading control. Dual, auger-mounted LED lighting enhances nighttime operation.

For more information, please visit www.Unverferth.com.