John Deere’s 2430 Chisel Plow features TruSet precision depth control system, radial tires and rear hitch. The 2430 Chisel Plow provides better soil-breaking and leveling performance, especially in rocky or wet field conditions. It is built to handle tough soils and heavy crop residue while providing operators more control of tillage depth and seedbed finish across a wide range of field conditions.

In addition to single-point depth adjustments, the TruSet system gives operators on-the-go, in-cab shank depth control in 0.10 inch increments across the entire width of the Plow. TruSet provides up to 900 psi down-pressure control of rolling baskets as soil conditions change. Operators have up to four settings that can be customized for common field conditions, or they can make setting adjustments as needed.

Highly durable radial center-frame tires are now standard on base equipment and as an option on wing tires.

The 2430 Chisel Plow comes with hardened-steel, knife-edge rolling baskets to effectively handle rocky fields and internal basket scrapers that prevent baskets from plugging under wet conditions. The rear hitch has been designed to enable operators to utilize additional tow-behind attachments, including anhydrous ammonia tanks.

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