Apex Tool Group's GEARWRENCH Adjustable Spanner Wrenches are designed to reliably tighten or loosen threaded collars, lock nuts, rings and packing nuts commonly found on industrial equipment and tooling. Spanners are offered in face, pin and hook styles. Their adjustable heads (or spans in the case of face style wrenches) allow them to be used on a range of collar sizes, eliminating the need for dedicated wrenches for every size application.

Each wrench is made of alloy steel and features a hard stamped size marking on its handle. Pin style wrenches also have pin diameter hard stamped on their handles. All have a black oxide finish for corrosion resistance and for use in locations where plated products are not allowed. All styles and sizes, where official specifications exist, meet or exceed GGG-W-665C Specification.

For more information, please visit www.GearWrench.com.