Lumax’s Heavy-Duty Swivel Handle Oil Filter Wrenches are constructed from high-quality components, making them built for lasting use and durability. The filter wrenches are ergonomically designed for the user’s comfort, featuring cushion grip handles and slim, adjustable designs. The unique yoke and link assembly allows a strong grip but prevents crushed filters.

The LX-1820 is made for compact filters and fits filters from 2.5-3.25 inches. The LX-1822 is made for standard filters and fits filters from 3.25-3.875 inches. The LX-1824 fits filters from 3.875-4.375 inches. The LX-1826 fits filters from 4.3125-4.75 inches. The LX-1828 fits filters from 5.25-5.75 inches. Each filter wrench is sold separately in case pack.

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