Through many years of cooperation with John Deere the Reichhardt company knows the necessary requirements of quality and engineering standards John Deere sets for their products. These standards are applied in GREEN FIT which has been developed by Reichhardt. With GREEN FIT by Reichhardt, customers will be able to run John Deere AutoTrac also on vehicles, for which so far John Deere was prohibited to get direct access. AGCO vehicles, such as Challenger and Fendt platforms, will be used for the launch.

With this solution, Reichhardt is responding to numerous inquiries from the market for a constructive use of interfaces for the cross-brands use of resources and implements. 

Andreas Reichhardt, CEO and owner of the Reichhardt group, emphasizes:  “We have proven that cross-brands retrofit solutions offer great advantages for all parties involved in introducing and further developing precision farming on farms in a cost and resource-saving manner. However, we always strive to ensure that such solutions are implemented in accordance with recognized quality, safety and acceptance criteria."

With GREEN FIT, Reichhardt closes a gap in the communication between different systems and thus increases customer satisfaction. For the future, GREEN FIT allows the combination of John Deere AutoTrac and the well-known sensors for row guidance by Reichhardt.