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The job of being an OEM component supplier isn’t always a glamorous one. Even when producing highly specialized and critical components, the tier-two manufacturer doesn’t always get the attention of the dealer or the farmer using it.

For the latest episode of this podcast, Farm Equipment editor Mike Lessiter sat down with CEO Doug Bruce of Osmundson Manufacturing. Running an OEM supply manufacturing business is unique in its own right, but that’s not the only thing making for a unique podcast today. His company is also 115 years old this year – the oldest featured to date -- and he is the fourth generation of the family to lead the business, with the fifth generation already in the business, too.

In this podcast, brought to you by GKN Off-Highway Powertrain, Doug explains the path of his great-grandfather in starting a manufacturing business in Iowa after his voyage across the Atlantic, how the manufacturer found itself in the OEM supply business during the 1980s, and the R&D and manufacturing responsibilities that now accompany their segment of the ag implement business.

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