This page lists material that supplements the January 2015 of Farm Equipment.

The Next Generation of Dealership Marketing

New software and web-based tools are making the auto-dealer model a reality — and turning dealer web sites into another store location.

(Supplements to the article "Leading-Edge Industry Says CRM is Your MVP" on Page 36.)

Streamline Your Business With The Right CRM

Now more than ever, having a good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is crucial for running a business. Learn more about the living in the social age and what having a good CRM can do for you and your business.

(Supplements to the article "Leading-Edge Industry Says CRM is Your MVP" on Page 36.)

CTIS Offer 'Cheap Corn' Advantages for Efficiency

With market realities causing American grain farmers to plug in $3 corn to their spread sheets in place of $7, the machinery industry has seen a rapid slowing of demand for new, increasingly efficient farm equipment as producers defer replacing machinery and scramble to cut expenses.

(Supplements to the Ahead of the Curve article on Page 65.)

Increasing Dealership Revenue

Find additional responses to this months Industry Q&A: Do you plan to do anything differently to increase dealership revenues in 2015?

(Supplements to this months Industry Q&A on Page 67.)