This page lists material that supplements the April/May 2015 of Farm Equipment.

Building Big on Productivity

Check out additional stories of dealers who have updated and modernized their facilities — from the showroom to the wash bay and everywhere in between— and find out how they have found new efficiencies throughout the company.

Supplement to the article "Building Big on Productivity" on Page 30

The Balance Sheet, Leverage & Turnover: Birkey’s Training Primer

Birkey’s Farm Store President/CEO, Mike Hedge, have several general session presentations at the 2015 Dealership Minds Summit in Cincinnati this January. A few things he elaborated on were:

Supplements to "The Balance Sheet, Leverage & Turnover: Birkey’s Training Primer" on Page 52

A Dealer's Ideal Revenue Mix

Find additional dealer responses to the Industry Q&A.

Supplement to "Industry Q&A: A Dealer's Ideal Revenue Mix" on Page 70

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