Canada East Equipment Dealer’s Assn. (CEEDA) is pleased to announce its recent endorsement with International Ag University (IAU).  Founded as part of Sales Academy Inc. by Frank Lee of Texas. Recently, Frank Lee announced his retirement and the news that he had handpicked David Gross from Coaldale, Alberta as successor in leading the International Ag University business of the future. 

International Ag University develops the salespeople of the future with the philosophy of “customer for life”. Programs offered are based on a long-term approach that shows salespeople how to shift their focus to the business side of selling and to the consultative approach through continuous training. Programs include: Behavioral Sales Program, Aftermarket Sales Program, Sales and Sales Manager Program and others.

Representatives of the CEEDA Board of Directors met with Dave to discuss the unique needs of each sector of CEEDA’s membership. They were extremely pleased and excited about IAU’s uniquely customized approach based on individual sector and dealership requirements. What really set International Ag University apart from all other Sales Training Programs was Dave Gross’ “extra mile” in-dealership service, which includes ride-alongs with Salespersons who may not be achieving to their highest potential.

Andy Svetec (Bob Mark New Holland), CEEDA Director shared his thoughts regarding IAU, “Dave is committed to developing programs for all the industries CEEDA supports including Farmstead and Powersports. He has personal experience in a related farmstead business and understands the difference between Big Ag and the rural Sundowner industries and how to sell effectively to both. IAU has a unique tool called the “Call Reluctance Tool”. Dave uses this tool to identify those salesman or candidates who are best suited to be successful in a sales position or areas of weakness that an individual can possibly change.

Dave Gross is experienced in the agriculture industry with a solid background in sales and sales management.  In the words of Frank Lee, “David is that rate individual who understands the difference between average and above average in sales and who has the ability to teach this to others.  He has shown incredible initiative to master the IAU techniques and philosophy. I feel confident he will not only carry on the tradition well, he will surpass what I have built.”

Gross believes it's the uniquely comprehensive approach of IAU that separates itself from other management consulting firms, and the reason why the partnership will sustain success in the future.

"We cater primarily to the agriculture industry. My first love is agriculture and I love seeing people succeed. We bring more than just the farm machinery aspect to CEEDA. We also understand a lot of the farmstead and motorsport markets they’re trying to reach," Gross said. "Additionally, we do parts and service training, but not so much from the standpoint of the parts and service people understanding where the numbers and returns are. What we try and do instead is help the parts and service people understand what their role is in the dealership. How can they influence the sales and meet the needs of those customers?”

In a structured and sequential manner, IAU participants learn how to forge long-term relationships with customers. To optimize the learning experience, IAU restricts classroom size to maximum 25 participants, which can be comprised from one dealership or a group of dealerships. According to a former IAU graduate, “For those who take the program seriously, it will make a good salesman great; a great salesman fantastic; a fantastic salesman – unbelievable!” Because IAU desires success for every student, each training module has built-in accountability to provide evidence that learning has taken place. 

Jerry Martens, CEEDA Chairman of the Board, stated, “The partnership between CEEDA and IAU will provide an extraordinary service to CEEDA members…… That alone makes this service both exciting and affordable to all dealers CEEDA represents.”

International Ag University will be spotlighted at CEEDA Dealer Forum in Toronto in January 2017 where Dave Gross will be a feature presenter.