DUBLIN, Ohio — The UNITED Equipment Dealers Assn. (UEDA) is pleased to announce their endorsement of OPOC.us to provide health insurance for its members. As the health insurance market continues to contract, members are seeking cost‐effective solutions to employee benefits to maintain a high‐quality workforce.

OPOC.us was chosen for its variety of health insurance options as well as its ability to assist with members’ benefit plan optimization and to provide valuable advocacy to the members’ employees. OPOC.us stood "head and shoulders" above other providers as one that could serve the needs of all members — large and small — in all the states UEDA represents.

“After an exhaustive search for a group health insurance solution for our members, we believe we have found the best solution for our dealer members," said Kim Rominger, CEO of UNITED Equipment Dealers Assn. "OPOC.us offers an opportunity for savings with one of the most unique programs in the country. Current UEDA members using OPOC.us have strong, positive feelings about the program, people and service that OPOC.us provides. UEDA is pleased to bring this opportunity to all members.”

“The United Equipment Dealers Assn.’s decision to make OPOC.us transparency and CARE services available to its members and their employees is proof of UEDA’s dedication to offering high‐quality, value‐added services,” said Zach Bertke, Strategic Counsel for OPOC.us. OPOC.us also provides access to AccelWELL, the OPOC.us culture success and wellness platform. “All behavior is driven by culture, and we look forward to helping UEDA members create a healthy and engaged workforce,” said Nicki Meyer Dennis, President of AccelWELL, Inc. To learn more about the options available from OPOC.us, please call the newly‐established UEDA CARE Center at 866.676.2871, or the Assn. office at 800.606.6332.

About OPOC.us

With over 25 years of experience, OPOC.us is a second‐generation, family‐run Strategic Planning, Transparency & CARE firm that specializes in employee benefits, administration, and human resources solutions and provides services to hundreds of employer clients and thousands of participants throughout the country. OPOC.us is committed to optimization through cost containment and efficiencies, all while improving the lives of its clients’ most important assets — their employees. For additional information, visit www.opoc.us.

About UEDA

With historic roots dating to 1893, the UNITED Equipment Dealers Assn. (UEDA) represents more than 600 farm, industrial, construction, and outdoor power equipment dealers in the states of Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, and Ohio. The mission of UEDA is to promote the general welfare of power equipment dealers, and to encourage and support equitable practices and methods within the industry by providing legislative representation, dealer‐manufacturer relations, and legal counsel hotlines. UEDA was formed when the Ohio‐Michigan Equipment Dealers Assn. (OMEDA) and the Mid‐America Equipment Retailers Assn. (MAERA) merged in January 2016. For additional information, visit www.UNITEDeda.com.