Kansas City, Mo. – The North American Equipment Dealers Association (NAEDA) announced its selection of OPOC.us to assist NAEDA members with their health insurance and other employee benefits needs. NAEDA embarked on a search of the marketplace in response to needs expressed by members. As options within the health insurance market continue to be challenging, members are seeking cost-effective solutions to employee benefits in order to maintain a high-quality benefit for their workforce.

OPOC.us (One Point of Care) is a firm that specializes in employee benefits, and human resources solutions providing services to hundreds of employer-clients throughout the country. OPOC.us optimizes health insurance coverage to provide cost savings to both employer and employee. After interviewing many companies and reviewing several possible solutions, OPOC.us rose to the top as a provider that could serve the needs of NAEDA members – large and small – because of its ability to not only assist with members’ benefit plans optimization but also to provide valuable advocacy to the members’ employees.

“We are thrilled to be able to provide this service to our dealer members,” said Kim Rominger, President & CEO of NAEDA. “It’s truly a great deal for employers and employees alike. We’ve been using the program ourselves at NAEDA and have been very pleased with not only the cost savings but also the level of support.”

As of the date of this release, regional associations joining North American Equipment Dealers Association in partnership with OPOC.us are as follows: Far West Equipment Dealers Association, and Northeast Equipment Dealers Association.

NAEDA Members who are interested in learning more should visit www.onepointofcare.com/naeda or reach an OPOC.us Analyst directly by calling the NAEDA CARE Center at 866-676-2871.

Farm Equipment will be hosting a webinar in conjunction with NAEDA on Aug. 18, 2022 at 2 p.m. central time that takes a deeper dive into Healthcare Options and Building a Strategic Plan. Dealers can register and learn more here. 

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