For most dealers, healthcare costs have increased, while employee experience and overall care has diminished. As a dealership owner, do you have clarity on what your ROI is for your healthcare spend? Do you have a Strategic Plan to protect your future costs?

In this webinar, NAEDA & host, a firm that specializes in employee benefits and human resources solutions, for a deeper dive into Healthcare Options and Building a Strategic Plan. Together we explore unique ways to battle the status quo when it comes to the future of employee benefits programs.

This webinar is brought to you by Farm Equipment and North American Equipment Dealers Association (NAEDA).

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OPOC has 30 years of experience as a Strategic Planning, Transparency & CARE firm, specializing in the optimization of employee benefits (healthcare, retirement plans, and ancillary benefits), as well as human resources, wellness/culture building, and branding. OPOC is committed to optimization through cost containment and efficiencies, all while improving the lives of its clients’ most important assets – their employees.

About the Speakers

Clark May

Clark May - President –

Chris Havey

Chris Havey - Senior Analyst –