Finding and hiring the right people is a key part of department management. Charlie Moe, corporate aftermarket manager with Kern Machinery of Bakersfield, Calif., explains that the dealership has gotten out of the rut of micromanagement by hiring the right people, providing them with the tools to get the job done and "getting out of the way," of those motivated employees. According to Moe, motivated employees show a propensity for action.

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Charlie Moe

Always Planning Ahead for Parts & Service Success

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Years with Operation: 5. Joined Kern Machinery after 20 years with AT&T in the cellular industry in various human resources, sales and general management roles.

Role: Oversees parts and service operations for all 4 locations and also champions Customer Experience, Branding and business promotions for the dealership. “I see myself in a support role for the overall enterprise,” Moe says.

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