McFarlane Mfg. Co. unveiled the new Incite 5000 series tillage tools, the first series of universal tillage machines. It offers the ability to perform in a wide range of conditions, seasons, soil and crop types. The machine features Ingersoll manufactured Incizor blades that are exclusive to McFarlane. The 28 wave concave blades can operate at high speeds at shallow depths or up to 6-inches for more traditional disc work.

It is available in working widths from 14-40 feet and is available with Universal Tillage Selector, which allows for on-the-go hydraulic adjustments of the disc gang angles to 3, 6 or 9 degrees. The 7-blade, 18-inch diameter open center Dura-Reel also offers hydraulic height adjustment from the disc blade depth to 8-inches above.

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