New anhydrous applicator and ‘Short Disk’ introduced along with updates to harrow and chisel implements

Great Plains introduced four new products at its 2014 dealer meeting, which showcase maintenance free design, improved crop residue handling, high speed operation and precision nutrient application.

Two products were new: the Nutri-Pro anhydrous coulter machine and the Short Disk. The other products were enhancements to traditional tillage tools, the 7000 series disc harrow and the Ultra-Chisel.

The new products come during a year where farm equipment sales were forecast to be down from previous years. “Everybody says business was supposed to be down,” says Linda Salem, president. “But we’ve had record growth the first 6 months of 2014 and had record growth the first 6 months of 2013. It shows a tremendous commitment to develop innovative products.”

Roy Applequist, founder and chairman of the board shared with Farm Equipment his views on the company’s success and challenges. He says delivering innovative products has been key. “We’re constantly leading the pack with innovations.”

He says the company’s challenges include making sure those innovative products reach customers through dealers. “One of our biggest challenges is dealer access … having dealers in every market that are motivated to sell our products. We have great products, so we need to get the message out there how the products work and having the dealers trained,” Applequist says.

Click the links below for an overview of the new products. 

Nutri-Pro 3000-12C30

Short Disk

7000 Series Disc Harrow and Ultra-Chisel