Claas’ Lexion 780-670 series has a combination of strength, efficiency and performance in any crop condition making it a one-of-a-kind, strong combine. This new series of combines have exclusive Accelerated Pre-Seperation (APS) threshing systems, factory-installed Terra-Trac undercarriage options, Claas power systems and advanced EASY (efficient agriculture system) precision farming technology.Lexion

New features for this series include:

  • CEMOS Automatic
  • In-cab hydraulic HP feederhouse adjusment
  • Larger grain tank
  • Tier 4 engine
  • Dynamic cooling system
  • Longer and faster unloading auger
  • 4-link rear suspension
  • Power Trac intelligent 4WD system
  • Generation III Terra Trac or 25 mph High Speed Terra Trac
  • More efficient header drive

The Lexion 780-670’s new header drive reduces fuel consumption without reducing power. The direct header drive delivers maximum power to the header for the ever-increasing volume of material being passed through the feederhouse. The new header drive system also has improved controlled engagement, allowing for part of the system to be engaged with the separator system when the feederhouse is engaged for softer starts and decreased load limits.

In Lexion models 780-730, Claas integrates both APS and ROTO Plus threshing systems to achieve independent threshing and separation speed control, more adaptability to changing crops and conditions and the maintenance of greater throughput optimization. In the Lexion 670 model, the same threshing technology of the Lexion 700 Series is combined with advanced straw walker separation technology to provide the greatest separation performance without compromising straw quality.

The new 4XL unloading auger for the Lexion combine line is an even longer unloading auger, reaching out 29.2 feet from the center of the combine, which is perfect for harvesting with heads over 40 feet wide. 

The Lexion 780 and 730 models have V8 and inline 6 Mercedes-Benz engines respectively with the Lexion 780 having 543 horsepower and the 730 having 348 horsepower. The Lexion 760-740 and 670 have CAT inline 6 engines ranging from 360-503 horsepower.

The new Dynamic Cooling system from Claas for the Lexion 700/600 Series has a 63-inch diameter rotation screen that shields a variable speed cooling fan that runs as needed at varying speeds based on cooling needs.