“When you work with a company for a long, long time, it’s almost like you get blinders. You think the way we’re doing things is right and there’s no need to do these other things. It’s been surprising the amount of productivity and efficiency that we’ve been able to gain just by doing some of these things that I never necessarily would have thought we had to do.

“For example, I worked on a project to implement a pay scale matrix for our service technicians. When we were a 1- or 2-store company, it was fine to have the service manager reviewing guys and doing the wage adjustments. But as we grew larger, it became clear we needed a consistent pay scale across all the stores. Now, our service managers can focus on running the service departments and managing the productivity of the techs. They don’t have to worry about whether someone getting paid enough, is he going to be upset and be in my office tomorrow, is he out looking for a job? It takes that off their plate and makes things a lot more consistent, which is needed when you get to the size of our company.