Arnett New Holland’s Jennifer Carroll says that her first official role in the dealership was a good one for understanding the nuances of the total business enterprise and for establishing a rapport with the team.

“Early on, I wasn’t in a role of authority. When I came back in 2003, Dad said we’ve got this business system that we’re paying $20,000 a year for and we’re using one-tenth of it. He told me to work my way through every department and make us efficient. It took me probably a year and a half to work through all three departments to get us to where we were taking full advantage of all of the features of the software package and making our processes efficient. So it was really a situation where the managers that were in those departments figured out that I was going to make it easier for them. I was not in a threatening type position at all where I was trying to take away any authority or trying to impose anything. I was just coming in from the backside saying let me help you. Of course there was resistance with some people who didn’t want to change or embrace technology that we had to work through, but the approach was a good entrance into the business.”