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Dealership Minds: The Essentials of H&R Agri-Power Photo Gallery

Behind the scenes photo album of H&R Agri-Power.

The Breakup of International Harvester and “What Really Happened.”

How did one of the most successful farm equipment and truck manufacturers in history go under? Former IHC executive and former IH dealer Paul Wallem provides an insider's look at how a perfect storm of problems killed the iconic brand.

For more in-depth coverage about this moment in manufacturer history, Farm Equipment magazine has prepared some dealer-specific excerpts from the much larger book. The full book is for sale at

Read the article here.


Ag Leader Photos

Photos taken at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C.

2019 Equipment Dealers Assn Dealer Manufacturer Relations Survey

In late May, the Equipment Dealers Assn. (EDA) release the results of its annual Dealer-Manufacturer Relations Survey. Through the survey, farm equipment dealers rated the manufacturers whose products they represent on 11 key categories of dealership operations and support.

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