Q: What have auction prices have been doing for 2018? I am trying to price a 9660 WTS John Deere with 1400 threshing hours and would like to find price comparisons for auctions this spring. 

A: You have a tough one here. The WTS series are hard to find auction values for because there aren’t that many. When I am valuing a machine with limited machine population I start with a Google search to see if I can find a local auction sale bill that may not have reported to Tractor House, for example. I have given these companies a call and asked what the unit sold for and if they might have some other examples. This requires a few extra steps, but better safe than sorry.

Unfortunately, there is really no easy answer here. You just have to do some digging and see what you can uncover. I hope this helps, and make sure to tune into the Moving Iron Podcast for auction coverage across the country. 

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