There was a large absolute dealer auction held on Aug. 8, 2017, in north central Illinois. It’s always fascinating to compare wholesale auction sale prices from dealer/consignment/online auctions vs. traditional farm auctions.

Below I have highlighted 3 Case IH combines sold at the Aug. 8 absolute dealer auction in north central Illinois. In addition to sale price and photos of each combine, I have also included a look at other recent auction sale prices on each model.

2012 Case IH 7230 with 1,520 engine hours: $147,000


Recent Auction Prices on Case IH 7230 Combines


2013 Case IH 8230 with 1,740 engine hours: $127,500


Recent Auction Prices on Case IH 8230 Combines


2012 Case IH 7088 with 1,850 engine hours: $89,500


Recent Auction Prices on Case IH 7088 Combines


As harvest and the end of the year approaches, we all expect search traffic on combines to rise. And our data at reinforces that assumption. But, in the Dealer Center, our dealer partners can drill down into supply and demand numbers by year, make and model. All three of the Case IH combine models detailed above are up in search traffic comparing the past 30 days to the previous period.

What’s also interesting is that in the past year, each of the models has “peaked” with search traffic at different times. The Case IH 7230 models were searched most in December 2016; the Case IH 8230 models were searched most in September 2016; and search traffic to Case IH 7088 models peaked in November 2016.

Just like hard cash auction data, it’s valuable to check into search traffic trends on a regular basis to confirm when you should be marketing machines for maximum success.