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‘Producer-First’ Partners to be Mantra of New Case IH Exec

After 12 years of dealers (partners as Scott Harris calls them) accustomed to the same personality at the top, Harris bring a familiar yet fresh approach as the new leader of Case IH Agriculture’s North American dealer network.
In this year’s series, the third such project Farm Equipment (FE) has done since 2006, Scott Harris is the newest exec we’ve sat down with and mic’d up, having just 8 months on the job. In the 14 years our company has operated FE magazine, Case IH has shown the greatest interest of all the major lines in the relationship with FE editors and the publication’s position in the dealer universe. (That isn’t to say the coverage pleased them, but dialog and the ability to pick up the phone with our staff has been important to Case IH).
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To the Point: 3 Important Questions: Action Plans & Answers

As many of you know, a favorite “To the Point” theme of late is grit, perseverance and the other intangibles that we want so much from our workforce — and must commit ourselves to bringing out. In my blog on Sept. 11, 2018, I asked for your help. You answered with your emails and web commentary. So, here’s my end of the deal, a FREE just-completed downloadable eGuide — “Talent Development in the Farm Equipment Industry: 3 Ways to Defeat Complacency.”
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Advice on Dealership Personnel

I’m asking for your help. Last month, I wrote an article on “3 Questions to Root Out Complacency.” In that piece, we posed 3 questions to farm equipment dealers on motivating staff to achieve greater heights for themselves, your customers and the company. I’m pulling together the compilation of answers from you and your industry peers, but I need your help with some additional perspective. I’m hoping you’ll take a moment to weigh in on 3 questions.
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Jeff Bowman

‘Buccaneer Marketing’ No Longer Cuts It

Titan Machinery’s top marketing executive sets the table for much-higher level discussion on the role that marketing should play in dealerships, including owning all customer growth.
Titan Machinery’s top marketing executive sets table for much-higher level discussion on the role that marketing should play in dealerships, including owning all customer growth.
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3 Questions to Root Out Complacency

One of the benefits of covering an industry like farm equipment is learning from some great business minds. That, and tapping into free consulting in the name of business journalism. I do file away your wisdom from our interviews, and several of you even taken my calls when I’m looking to calibrate our thinking over here. While our industries are different, many of the people challenges are the same, and I will take a sound and trusted lens-adjustment from any corner.
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Dig Down to Find Your Grit ... Part 1

Interviews with ag equipment entrepreneurs stoked a fire to deep dive on “grit.” Mike Lessiter studies Dr. Angela Duckworth’s analysis and shares of takeaways in part 1 of this series.
Why is grit important? Because the struggle tells you more about yourself than any easily-found success, and it keeps in perspective that the “burn” of the journey is as important as the finish line.
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