The 14th Italian Farm Machinery Convention will be held September 10-13 at the Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel, Calif. Sponsored by the Italian Trade Commission (ITC), the event's purpose is to promote and expand working relationships between Italian manufacturers and American importers/distributors. Italy is the second largest producer of farm equipment in the world and total sales increased in 2008 to an estimated $10 billion, according to the Italian Farm Machinery Manufacturers Assn. (UNACOMA).

"A positive outlook for the industry's future is cause for celebration," said Fabrizio Giustarini, the newly appointed Italian Trade Commissioner responsible for Agriculture. "More than 125 companies in the United States import agricultural equipment directly from Italian companies."

The convention will include keynote speakers and short seminars on topics such as market trends and sources of competition. Manufacturers will show their products by means of video, graphic presentation and "table top" catalog distribution. Participants will include American companies distributing Italian farm machinery as well as Italian companies producing the machinery.

Participation of American shortline manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors of farm machinery is encouraged. North American attendees in the past have predominately included FEWA-AIMRA members. FEMA (Farm Equipment Manufacturers Assn.) members are invited as well. Approximately 45 qualified guests will have their choice of either round-trip airfare from North America or NAFTA area or one complimentary hotel accommodation (room & tax) for up to three nights. Airfare requires a Saturday night stay.

ABOUT THE ITALIAN TRADE COMMISSION AND ITALIAN FARM MACHINERY MANUFACTURERS. The ITC is a government agency responsible for promoting the Italian Farm Machinery industry. In terms of sales, Italy is the largest producer of farm machinery in the world after the United States. Total Italian farm machinery sales, including machine components, increased approximately 5.7% in 2008. The US is the most important market for Italian farm machinery outside of Europe. For more information or to view past participants, contact Alessandro Mussa, Assistant Trade Commissioner: (404) 525-0660 or visit the convention tab at: