The 2018 UEDA Annual Dealers Convention - is a one-day gathering of dealers and suppliers discussing a variety of industry matters. This year’s theme, Moving Foward: Business at its Best, includes forward-thinking speakers and topics. Speakers will look at our industry today and what might lay ahead.

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The convention will be held Feb. 13 in Louisville at the Crowne Plaza Airport. If you plan to arrive on Monday, you’re welcome to attend the President’s Dinner - just sign up for the number of tickets you’ll need.

The itinerary is as follows:


Registration is two steps:

(1) Return a completed registration form to the Association office

(2) Reserve your room at the Crowne Plaza Airport.

Specifics on registration information and the entire program is available here.

Conference Keynotes, Seminars & Workshops

Manufacturers, Dealers and the Industry Outlook

Presented by Jim Walker, Vice President of Case IH NAFTA

Expansions, mergers, and consolidations are taking place on all levels of our industry: manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and customers. What will our industry look like in three years, five years, or even farther in the future? How will telematics and user-interfaces impact us? The Industry Luncheon keynote presentation will take a look at these topics -- and more -- from a manufacturer’s perspective. Central to the outlook - what will the dealer role be?

How to Develop Pricing Strategies Without Losing the Profit Margin

Presented by Bob Clements, president of Bob Clements Intl.

Clements begins, “I am not convinced that salespeople who sell at lower margins are not good sales people, just that they have not had training on the "soft skill” side of selling.” With today's manufacturer training typically focused on competitive products, it does nothing to help salespeople who are only selling against similar products or the same color at a different dealership. As equipment margins go down, so does the health of the dealership and the experience customers receive. This session will offer strategies for salespeople to overcome the obvious pitfalls of selling only on price, and ways your dealership can add value that your customers will recognize and appreciate – so you can retain and improve your margins.

Dealer Agreements, Dealer Protection Laws and the Changing Landscape of Dealer-Manufacturer Relations

Presented by Lance Formalt, Seigfreid Bingham

This session will review trends in dealer agreements recently rolled out to dealer networks. It will also give an update on recent changes in dealer protection laws and discuss how these laws impact dealer agreements and the dealer-manufacturer relationship. This discussion will include a review of key principles that are components of many dealer protection laws.

The Industry Outloook, from the Financial Sector

Presented by Anne Duignan, J.P. Morgan

Duignan is making a return visit to the Convention this year to build on the industry financial facts and figures presented at the 2017 UEDA Annual Dealer Convention. The picture she paints may not be all rosy, but she tells it like she sees it. This session will present the financial health of the agricultural machinery sector using the latest manufacturer reports -- and Duignan will explore the forecast for future trends.

Report from EDA

Presented by Kim Rominger, President/CEO of Equipment Dealers Assn. (EDA)

Much has been happening in St. Louis at EDA headquarters. Free webinars on various topics, increased communication with dealer-members, additional services, more in-depth surveys -- even a new CEO (our own Kim Rominger). This session will focus on EDA activities taking place and Kim’s vision to help dealers succeed.

Drive S.A.F.E.

Presented by John Gehan, Marketing Representative for Federated Insurance

2,440,000 injured and 35,092 dead. Those are the statistics from our nation’s highways in 2015 as a result of motor vehicle traffic crashes. These are family members, friends, and neighbors. Distracted driving continues to be an epidemic, but it is not the only factor in vehicle crashes. Three other major causes: speed, fatigue, and emotion, also play a major role. This presentation addresses action plans to implement “S.A.F.E.” driving practices in your business so your drivers can return safely home from work each day to their loved ones. Be prepared to discuss actions that will make a positive difference to your business and your drivers.

Banquet Entertainment -- Communication Bleeps and Blunders in Business

Presented by Todd Hunt of Todd Hunt Co.

You said one thing; your employee, customer or coworker heard something else. Nobody was wrong, but now everybody’s confused and you have to handle it! Laugh and learn as Todd Hunt shares valuable lessons, demonstrating how we can communicate better to become more successful. If you eat M&Ms in color order, alphabetize your cereal boxes or rearrange the dishwasher (or live with someone who does), you’ll appreciate his take on business and life. And there’s no PowerPoint!