Round bales are an integral part of delivering the right nutrition to any cow-calf operation. To that end, the round baler is the most frequently purchased piece of hay making equipment by cattle producers, and New Holland is launching new equipment with smart innovations to make the hay making process more efficient and more profitable.

New Holland Roll-Belt 560 Round Baler Delivers Higher Baling CapacityThe New Holland’s Roll-Belt 560 5’x 6’ round baler delivers two elements cattle producers ask for the most: higher baling capacity and better feeding ability in a wide range of crops and baling conditions. New Holland’s proven combination of rolls and belts gets hay rolling quickly for fast, reliable core starts and helps pack more hay into every bale for less outside storage losses.

“New Holland has a legacy in hay tools, and our new Roll-Belt 560 is the latest example of developing effective hay tools that deliver on customer needs and expectations,” says Michael Cornman, Dairy and Livestock Market Segment Manager. “This 5’x6’ Roll-Belt baler delivers higher capacity, features the industry’s widest pickups and highest bale densities. It’s been restyled to provide reliable performance with increased capacity, belt strength and belt drive force.”

New features on the 5’x6’ Roll Belt baler include:

  • ActiveSweep™ pickups: 20% increase in capacity. The Roll-Belt 560 is available with a 60-inch, six-bar SuperSweep™ pickup or the new 82-inch, 5-bar ActiveSweep pickup. The new ActiveSweep design innovations add up to an impressive 20% increase in capacity.
  • Choice of monitors. Producers can monitor and control the bale-making process with the new Bale Command™ II (twine only)/Bale Command™ II Plus (twine and net, twine only, or net only) system or go with ISOBUS with the IntelliView™ III color touchscreen monitor.
  • Three belt choices. New Premium laced belts are manufactured with constant heat and pressure to eliminate belt flaws and improve tensile strength. They feature new low-profile Alligator™ rivet fasteners that reduce belt bending stresses, and when combined with Duralink™ flexible stainless steel pins, allow the belts to follow the crowned drive roll and tailgate roll for lower belt maintenance. For ultimate durability and minimal maintenance, new endless belts feature a completely spliceless design for maximum consistency and wear resistance.
  • New Holland’s exclusive Bale-Slice™ system. For bales that are more dense, easier to feed and easier for livestock to digest, the Roll-Belt™ 560 can be equipped with New Holland’s industry-exclusive Bale-Slice™ system. Knives enter the bale after the core is made, so bales retain a solid core, and the operator decides how much of the bale is cut to the outside bale face. Bales made by the Bale-Slice system are up to 14% more dense than unsliced bales and can increase the average daily weight gain in yearling heifers by 23% (according to a Penn State Bale-Slice Study) as well as higher production rates across the board.
  • Specialty Crop option. The Specialty Crop Roll-Belt 560 is designed to handle tough conditions and high-volume crops like cornstalks, straw, or large windrows of heavy grasses like sudan. It features the heavy-duty ActiveSweep five-bar pickup with HD rubber tines, solid two-piece tine bars and a roller windguard. Crop guides reduce crop catching on gauge wheels, fingers on the external expeller roll remove in-chamber debris and a duckbill trash baffle cleans net wrap during each wrapping cycle.