The New Holland all-new Roll-Belt variable chamber round balers replace the BR7000 Series and deliver capacity increases of up to 20% when compared to their predecessors. Available in 4-foot and 5-foot bale widths, they will
become the preferred choice for 
livestock operations and custom balers alike. For over 40 years, New Holland has produced over 235,000 variable chamber round balers.

New Holland Roll-Belt Round Balers
“The Roll-Belt baler enables
operations to specify the baler that
suits their needs. The standard rotor SuperFeed and professional CropCutter variants enable tailored baling,” says Bob Hatz, head of Hay and Forage Product Management. “The all new pickup, repositioned back wrap roll and endless belt design will deliver significant productivity gains.”

New Pickups and Feeders: Up to 20% Higher Capacity
The ActiveSweep, SuperFeed and CropCutter pickups have been completely redesigned to boost capacity by up to 20%. The standard-duty four-tine bar pickup, available on the ActiveSweep, has 23% larger diameter and 80% thicker walled tubular tine bars as well as a 10% larger center hex shaft.

The heavy-duty five-tine bar pickup, standard on SuperFeed and CropCutter, optional on ActiveSweep, establishes a new level of durability with solid steel, split center tine bars for ease of service and lower cost of ownership. Complete with 6 millimeters reinforced rubber tines, which are 10% stiffer laterally and last five times longer, the pickup maintains peak performance in difficult, uneven windrows.

The new optional feed assist roll transfers the crop from the pickup to the rotor while simultaneously merging the flow of the crop to ensure that it matches the exact width of the bale chamber.

The new castoring gauge wheels allow the pickup to stay against the ground without scuffing the ground to get all the crop, even on sharp turns in field corners.

Higher Capacity Rotary Feeding: SuperFeed and CropCutter Rotor Options
To improve baling flexibility, operations can choose between the CropCutter and the SuperFeed standard rotor with New Holland’s renowned ‘W’ pattern single lobed fingers. The 18-inch diameter rotor maintains high throughput of all crops even in extremes of moisture or short length. The CropCutter variant delivers the densest bales, with 15 integrated knives, which guarantee the ultimate in cutting performance.

DropFloor Technology: Clear Blockages Fast From the Cab to Boost Productivity
During tight baling windows, stopping to unblock clogged balers wastes valuable time. After extensive consultation with farmers, New Holland has introduced DropFloor functionality. Operated from the comfort of the cab, when large wedges of crop block the rotor, the floor is simply lowered to provide additional space in the feeding zone, and baling — not digging — continues.

Maintenance-Free Endless Belts, Now with a New Self-Cleaning Surface to Reduce Losses and Improve Bale Formation

The Roll-Belt baler features four 7-inch wide belts that prevent costly losses as well as improve tracking performance. The increased belt stability ensures a large contact area with the crop to improve both reliability and bale formation. Constructed using ultra-modern endless belt technology, these belts are much stronger as there are no joints. This eliminates stretching for uniform bale formation. Furthermore, the belts’ surface texture has been engineered by design to assist cleaning for efficient bale formation.

Roll-Belt 460 Dual Hydraulic Density System: Increases Density by Up to 5%
The addition of a second hydraulic density cylinder has increased bale density by up to 5% when compared to the BR7070. The system, with a density cylinder on either side of the chamber, provides improved density control, which is ideal for all operations as uniformly denser bales improve the fermentation profile for more aerobically stable nutritious feed.

Simple Net and Twine Wrapping Systems: Shorter Travel Path for Even More Reliability
Operations can choose between a twine only, net only or net and twine configurations to match their individual needs. The twine placement system has been redesigned and now uses an improved center pivot dual twine tube to maintain a consistent wrap pattern to maintain bale shape, even during extensive handling.

The duckbill net wrapping system is now closer to the actual bale, which means it takes even less time to provide full wrap coverage, thus enabling operations to get back to baling even more quickly. Up to two rolls of additional net can be stored on net-only models, with a convenient storage area to the rear of the baler, and the second roll can be stored above the active roll. The industry-leading duckbill net wrapping system now only requires limited power from the in-cab connection, making connecting it to the tractor even simpler.

ISOBUS Compatibility: Choose IntelliView III or IntelliView IV Color Touchscreen
The Roll-Belt baler is fully ISOBUS compatible for single monitor control. This means owners can select the ultra-wide color touchscreen IntelliView IV or the existing IntelliView III monitor in their ISOBUS-equipped tractor. The state-of-the-art IntelliView III color touchscreen delivers fingertip baler management and easier baler setup. Not ready for ISOBUS yet? Choose between the Bale Command II and advanced Bale Command Plus II monitors in lieu of ISOBUS to enable control of up to four wrap patterns and record up to 20 individual bale counts records, perfect for custom operators.

Distinctive Styling Enhances Serviceability and Safety
Operator safety was at the heart of the award-winning Roll-Belt balers’ design. The distinctive single-piece, gull-wing self-supporting side shields quickly open wide to facilitate maintenance. The new locking tailgate safety latch keeps operators safer, one of the reasons New Holland won an AE50 Award for outstanding innovation from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers.

40 Years Strong: The Most Productive, Reliable Roll-Belt Balers Ever Built
“As New Holland celebrates its 40th anniversary of round baler technology, we continue our dedication to providing innovations and improvements in this next generation of Roll-Belt balers,” says Cornman.