Whether seeding into summerfallow or stubble, New Holland’s new P2000 Series disk drills slice through crop residue to ensure precise, uniform seed placement with very low soil disturbance. Both the new P2080 disk drill (with tow-between or tow-behind air cart) and P2085 disk drill (with a mounted seed tank), offer exceptional seed placement accuracy.

“With these new disk drills, producers can place the seed at the exact depth and down pressure they choose to ensure quick seedling emergence,” says Sheldon Gerspacher, Seeding Products Marketing Manager. “They’re ideal for seeding small grains such as wheat, barley, rice, soybeans, and canola, with excellent performance at both ends of the spectrum, in both hard and soft soils.”

Even when seeding at higher speeds and on rougher terrains, New Holland’s industry-leading parallel link design provides more consistent seeding placement for best-in-class emergence in a wide variety of soil, seeding depths, and field conditions.

The 18” disks cut cleanly through the heaviest of crop residues to ensure optimal seed-to-soil contact. On-row packing follows to ensure the best chance of fast, even germination. The scraper and opener design allows for consistent seeding depth across the range of operation. The true 0-3.5” depth settings accommodate all seeding depths and the single-handed adjustment provides the easiest depth adjustment on the market.

New Closing System

New Holland’s P2000 Series disk drills feature an all-new closing system designed specifically for exceptional closing in tough conditions. In very hard soil conditions, the packer wheel does a better job of closing the trench to ensure proper seed-to-soil contact. In very soft conditions, it provides improved packing for better seed-to-soil contact, preserves more moisture, and leaves a smooth field finish.

The hollow center of the closing system reduces compaction while providing excellent seed-to-soil contact. Up to 100 lbs. of pressure is available. High flotation walking tandem options, which ensure maximum flotation in the toughest conditions, lower ground pressure and compaction for increased emergence.

Flexible Frame

Hills, terraces and gullies pose no problems for New Holland disk drills. With the best wing flex in the industry, the flexible frame design allows both the P2080 and P2085 to deliver precise seed placement over the entire width of the machine. The flexible frame provides unmatched depth accuracy, featuring 25° of total flex for accurate, uniform seeding. Flexibility also dissipates frame stress for more durability than traditional welded joints.

P2085 Seed Meter and Drive System

For optimal productivity, the new seed meter on New Holland’s P2085 disk drill (with mounted seed tank) offers fine, medium, and coarse rollers that cover all crops, with quick change meters and easy cleanout. With variable rate drive as a standard feature, this disk drill provides exceptional population control accuracy. The programmable population settings can be changed in-cab to easily switch between rates and prescription seeding capability.

The P2085 can reduce input costs and increase yields by eliminating overlap on turn rows and oddly shaped fields. Two-section control is standard with four-section control optional. Drill sections can be shut off with the push of a button, or automatically via GPS. Section control also ensures that the intended rate is applied to all portions of the field.

The P2085 disk drill is fully compatible with New Holland’s IntelliView IV touchscreen monitor. The convenient one-page display shows everything necessary for operation. Flow sensors provide population estimates for larger seeded crops. A bar graph provides target rate, limits, and blockage information, while the GPS or radar speed inputs ensure accurate seeding rates.