Kasco Manufacturing introduces a new 10-foot wide Vari-Slice seeder. The Vari-Slice seeder is suitable for applications including pasture seeding, beef, dairy and horse farms for worked or no-till conditions and where tight germination of grass seed is needed.  The disc angle can be adjusted quickly to move more aggressively over the ground with rugged cutting coulters to cut through roots, limbs and debris.  Other widths of 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 feet are also available. 

These seeders feature a unique metering system for planting a variety of a seeds such as Bermuda, alfalfa, timothy, rye and oats.  A patented, optional positive feed agitator system is also in a second box to plant native or warm season grasses.  Vari-Slice units with a standard seedbox and warm season grass box are able to plant virtually any seed variety.    

For more information, visit: www.kascomfg.com