JCC Services expands its Online Learning Center to include Parts Counter Talk Course. The course will focus on customer service and will be offered starting March 20, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. CST. There will be four sections with each being one hour in length.  All of the sections will take place every Wednesday at the same time from March 20-April 10.

The purpose of the course is to instruct on how to deliver a high quality customer experience that creates a competitive advantage for participating dealerships by differentiating the average customer service experience from the exceptional.

It recognizes that the dealership customer has become more sophisticated, and with information at their fingertips via the Internet and smart devices customer expectations are on the rise.

This webinar will help your organizations concentrate on effective customer service methods, techniques and skills that when put into action as everyday practice will produce service beyond expectations.

Parts counter personnel will learn techniques that include up selling and cross selling. 

Through this training, dealership employees and counter staff will achieve higher levels of customer service and increased professionalism at the front counter and beyond with the result being increased profits.

The course curriculum covers four core subjects through JCC On Line Learning Center. The four core subjects include: Delivering Exceptional Customer Service, Developing Effective Telephone Skills, On the Front Line 101, and On the Front Line 201.

For detailed information please visit jccservices.com or call Jerkins Creative Consulting at 618-435-3739.