Grégoire Besson group, a leader in agricultural machinery for working the soil, today announced the acquisition of RABE AGRI, based in Bad Essen, Germany, manufacturer of plows, soil preparation implements (discs, tined equipment, power harrows) and seeders.

RABE AGRI, founded in 1889, specializes in the manufacture of plows. In the past 25 years, RABE AGRI developed ranges of agricultural machinery to prepare soil, harrows, seeders and seed drills.

Over the past three years, RABE AGRI achieved an average turnover of 30 million euros, including 60% in exports, and it employs 180 people.

GREGOIRE BESSON group, located at Montfaucon-Montigné, France, employs 380 people worldwide and currently has six production plants located in France and Italy.

With a turnover of 60 million euros in 2010, the group Grégoire Besson is represented worldwide through a distribution network consisting of five subsidiaries: England, Canada, Poland, Russia and China and many importers and distributors.

RABE AGRI becomes RABE after the acquisition. This brand is recognized by the quality of products that make up the range. Monitoring of commercial machines and spare parts will be provided by the new company, RABE in Germany.

With RABE AGRI, the group Gregoire Besson wants to maintain a sustainable industrial activity in the historic site of Bad Essen.

This strategy allows the group Gregoire Besson to benefit from:

  • Additional production capacity
  • Powerful sales network and particularly well established in Germany
  • Offer extended reinforcing its positioning and strategy
  • Offer brand RABE new markets, relying on the trading platform