In this video sponsored by IRON Solutions, Duane Smith and Boyd Hofman of the 2011 Dealership of the Year award-winner JayDee AgTech discuss the key metrics they look at when trying to measure success and move their company forward.


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The 12-part 2011 Farm Equipment Dealership of the Year video series is sponsored by IRON Solutions the largest online marketplace and most trusted source for finding new and used agricultural, industrial and outdoor power equipment. 

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Janson Equipment Company

Part 1: Addressing Competition

Part 2: Managing Obsolete Inventory

Part 3: Recovery Rates

Part 4: Absorption Rates

Part 5: Changing to a Multi-Store Company

Part 6: Managing by the Balance Sheet

JayDee AgTech

Part 1: Precision Farming

Part 2: Key Metrics

Part 3: Regional Diversification

Part 4: Customer Service

Part 5: Receiving the Award

Part 6: The Future: What Now?