Rural Lifestyle Dealer -
A Booming Market Too Big to Be Ignored 

Known by names varying from hobby farmer to ruralpolitan to prosumer, the rural population is an estimated 59 million adults with a buying power of $32 billion. It is distinctive in its diversity and presents a tremendous opportunity for the marketer who recognizes the potential of this growing customer base. 

And in a market of such enormous size, there’s only one place you can be assured of hitting the entire market — at the dealerships where the purchases are made.

With a customer base that knows the “what” of the jobs they want done, but not the “how,” the dealer is crucial to equipment and brand selection. As the only dedicated media (print or online) serving dealers to this market, Rural Lifestyle Dealer is the only opportunity to communicate your message to the dealer and cement that bond with the front line of your sales force.

We deliver an engaged audience to you by filling our pages with the best-practices and critical information dealers need to successfully capitalize on the rural market:

Dealer Profiles: Every issue features an up-close profile of a leading dealer with actionable strategies that readers can quickly implement into their own business. Our editors get out and make the first-hand visits to share eye-witness accounts of what is, and what isn’t, working for them.

What Rural Lifestylers Want: Rural lifestylers are a diverse group with different equipment needs. Through one-on-one time at rural lifestylers’ properties, we report on equipment through the customers’ eyes and present their challenges directly to dealers so they can better serve this customer base.

How to Sell Series: This popular, regular feature explores a specific product category and how dealers have found success selling it to rural lifestylers.

Product Reviews: Every edition provides the latest and most compelling new products available for rural lifestylers. The full-color product features provide a direct, convenient way for dealers to inquire about your goods or services.

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Farm Catalog - 
For Today’s Top Farm Operator

The annual Farm Catalog connects you to more than 60,000 high-income farm operators with gross farm incomes of $500,000 or higher and 1,000 or more acres. Targeting the top agriculture states, Farm Catalog delivers your message to the biggest, most successful producers in the heart of farm country. And the farmers that need your latest advancements.

For more than 20 years, this specialty product directory has been the year-round order tool and reference guide for farmers seeking the latest innovations on the market. Farm Catalog covers every product category that the nations’ top farmers are looking for — herbicides, seed treatments, tractors, planters/drills, tillage, power tools ... Everything the successful farmer needs both to advance their business and maintain their property.

By providing year-round lead generation, Farm Catalog also provides excellent support for your dealers and reps.

SPECIAL REPORT FOR 2011. In addition to the vast new product reference, this year’s special report is Busting the Ceiling on Crop Yields. In this exclusive and in-depth special editorial report, high-income farm operators will learn of the advanced technologies coming their way and what it will take to achieve the bin-busting yield goals (300-bushel corn, 120-bushel wheat and 100-bushel soybeans) to satisfy the world’s growing food demands. 

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Conservation Tillage Guide - Our Progressive Growers Are Paid Subscribers…
They Want To Learn More About Your Products

The Conservation Tillage Guide follows the same reader-first principles that date back to 1972 when Frank Lessiter edited the very first issue of No-Till Farmer — right during the birth of conservation tillage. Our winning formula is built upon providing practical coverage of best practices, trends and products that help farmers be more effective.

We must do that time and time again to earn our readers’ trust and subscription payment.

Our veteran editorial staff produces leading-edge, detailed articles through the experiences of knowledgeable, respected no-tillers and strip-tillers that provides our information-hungry growers with practical ideas and techniques to develop a more productive, effective and profitable no-till system.

Plus, our New Products section keeps no-tillers up-to-date on the tools that can help them be more profitable. Categories include:

  • Conservation Tillage

  • Seeding, Planting & Attachments

  • Harvest & Residue Management

  • Fertilizer Application

  • Precision Tools

  • Spraying Equipment

  • Fertility Products

  • Crop Protection

  • Seed & Seed Treatments

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